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App Portal 2015 R2 Service Pack C

App Portal 2015 R2 Service Pack C


This article provides information on the fixes included in App Portal 2015 R2 Service Pack C (10.0.3 version).


App Portal 10.0.3 version includes the following fixes:

App Portal 2015 R2 Service Pack C
  • IOJ-1743784 - Unable to complete checkout due to "violation of primary key constraint"
  • IOJ-1753116 - Deployment technology for request does not match client machine when multiple deployment technologies are configured
  • IOJ-1748873 - Optimize Data Sync process (SCCM only)
  • IOJ-1753733 - Uninstall alert from My Apps tab doesn't work consistently
  • IOJ-1748717 - Altiris - Client not picking up all new "inserts" after App Portal performs a policy refresh on the client
  • IOJ-1744015 ? For License reclamation, use FNMS DiscoveryDate if LastUsedDate is NULL
  • IOJ-1661731 - Collection Membership check not accurate on SCCM 2007 Central
  • IOJ-1744879 - Even though question condition for approval evaluates to "false", approval is marked as required in the request submitted
  • IOJ-1742798 - Memory leak in ESDService caused by ITSM status check
  • IOJ-1748883 - Multi-Catalog, Single Flexera Id Uninstall solution via App Portal
  • IOJ-1745654 - User Impersonation doesn't work
  • IOJ-1751858 - Support for FNMS MSP Edition
  • IOJ-1751527 - My Apps Alerts not generated for any users if machine has more than 300 installed apps
  • IOJ-1752959 - LicReserveCount does not resolve to the correct value with ITSM actions
  • IOJ-1732435 - Auto Detect Roles from role conditions not working
  • IOJ-1720340 - ESDService crashes when alert email is sent, if multiple emails defined for "Email Address for Site Alerts"
  • IOJ-1754217 - ITSM actions are not applied from Catalog Templates
  • IOJ-1753656 - Altiris requests falsely updated to failed
  • IOJ-1745926 - Alternate Visibility Message no longer being displayed
  • IOJ-1745365 - If "searchCustomApprover" is enabled, custom approver search during checkout doesn?t work for large number of users
  • IOJ-1743409 - "Apply Role" setting for answers is not applying specified role
  • IOJ-1753815 - While scheduling uninstall/ reinstall/ repair requests on My Requests page, target machine time zone is not considered
  • IOJ-1743434 - Pagination support for policy refresh, inserts to collection and check status
  • IOJ-1740439 - Leasing does not work when DateTime is in a different format
  • IOJ-1745661 - Enhanced logging for FNMS integration

The hotfix can be downloaded from the Flexera Software Product and License Center.

Additional Information

The App Portal hotfixes and service packs are cumulative. Only the latest release would need to be installed.
Current Available Hotfixes or Service Packs for App Portal 2015 R2 Version
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