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Can App Portal be configured to only consider licenses available to the associated enterprise groups in FNMS?


Assume Software A was bought by two different departments (two different POs). How can App Portal limit software distribution to each department users based on their associated PO entitlements? Do you think scooping can be efficiently used?


The high level steps are:
  1. 1. In FNMS, open the licence and go to the "Group Assignment" tab.
  2. 2. Configure the assignments e.g. assign by Corporate Unit and then assign purchases / entitlements (I think AP uses the entitlements) to each department.
  3. 3. Save the licence.

On the App Portal side, the following URL shows how to configure the Catalog item -

You should then set either the "Enterprise Groups Only" or the "Check Enterprise Groups and fallback to Global if not available"
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