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Flexera beginner

What Does Install Shield Do?

It's a software I use rather often, and I know it puts stuff onto my computer, but why do programs need it? Can you install without it? Do viruses use install shield?SCCM shop looking at buying AppPortal from Flexera. Boss's aren't happy with the costs. Can anyone suggest an alternative for monitoring / tracking workstations and license use? Thanks Much.
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Flexera rneff

Re: What Does Install Shield Do?


InstallShield is a tool that helps developers build clean installs, upgrades and uninstalls for Windows incredibly quickly and easily.

However, it sounds like you might be looking for more information about our "Enterprise" solutions, specifically AppPortal rather than InstallShield.   Here is a LINK with more details;

And here is a LINK if you'd like to connect directly with a rep to discuss anything in further detail;

Thank you for your interest!