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Web Extension - Manifest v3

I was reading about the transition from Manifest 2 to 3 that will be required later in the year (Welcome to Manifest V3 - Chrome Developers) and was curious if there will be a new version of your web extension, and what the timeline for this release will be.   Thanks!

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This has been raised with Product Management and added to their backlog for investigation.  There is currently no detailed plan for updating the web extensions, but it will be looked at.

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Hello - checking in to see if there have been any updates on this? 

Even though the timelines have been extended for this standard to change, things will evolve and need to be updated -   Chrome Extensions Manifest V2 support timeline - Chrome Developers




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Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

Hi, thanks for following up and heads up on the updated timelines.

We have prioritized the support of Manifest V3 for Web Extensions (for discovering the device name) and planning to add this in upcoming App Portal 2023 R1 release which is tentatively scheduled for end of Q2 2023. We will keep you updated if any change in timeline. Thank you!