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Unable to find email when adding note with email notifcation to requester

When adding a new note to an existing request we are receiving the attached error. On the front-end it shows the user that there was an unexpected error. The log shows the attached error.

I checked the imported user information for the users experiencing the error and their email is populated correctly.


Any thoughts one what could be causing this?

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Based on the stack trace, it appears that the first thing being called in this method is running the following query against the App Portal DB:

Select UniqueUserName from WD_PackageRequests where RequestID =<requestID>

App Portal then attempts to get the email address for this uniqueUserName from the wd_computer table.. 

I guess I'd start by running this first query, and then checking to see if the UniqueUserName matches a row in WD_user.. If so, does the user have an email address? I'd expect problems if the UniqueUserName  in WD_PackageRequests is an empty string, unknown, or SystemAction.

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