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Software leasing expiration emails not being sent

We have enable software leasing in App portal, but it does not send the lease expiring email.   

Has anyone successfully setup leasing and had the notification work?

App Portal 2017 R2 (

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If you find that other email notifications are being sent based on other triggers I would recommend that you raise a support case on this specific issue to get assistance troubleshooting it.


I can say that App Broker doesn't  have any known issues with regards to lease emails NOT being sent.. Actually, just the opposite.. We have a known issue with duplicate lease emails being sent.. Not sure if this would help you to diagnose the issue, but the following query is being run in order to determine if emails need to be sent:

SELECT pr.RequestID, pr.ResourceID, wp.PackageID, wp.PackageTitle, wp.AllowRentalExtension, rt.MachineName, pr.LeaseEndNotified, pr.LeaseExpire, pr.GUID,
pr.UserResourceID, p.LanguageID, pr.UniqueUserName, wp.AllowRentalExtensionApproval, pr.Authorized
FROM WD_PackageRequests AS pr WITH (NOLOCK)
INNER JOIN WD_RequestTarget AS rt ON rt.RequestID = pr.RequestID
INNER JOIN WD_WebPackages AS wp ON pr.PackageID_FK = wp.PackageID AND DATEDIFF(day, getutcdate(), pr.LeaseExpire) <= wp.NotifyRentalExpire
LEFT OUTER JOIN WD_Profile AS p ON pr.UniqueUserName = p.UniqueUserName
WHERE (wp.AllowRental = 1) AND (pr.IsLeased = 1) AND (pr.Inserted = 1) AND (pr.LeaseEndNotified = 0) AND wp.Type NOT IN (18,25)

The log file SoftwareLeasing.log seems to have a fair amount of information logged, so look at this may provide some clues.. if there is an error running the above query, then DatabaseCalls_Error.log would be the place to look.