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For the "Show new items search", is there a way to filter the results more than just setting the day limit?

For example, can we also filter in/out folders?  We have production and non-production categories, and for that reason if we were going to use this option to show new items, we would want to limit the results to the production folders... 

I know that the "Most Requested" uses the vMostRequested sql view...which could be modified if you wanted to further limit the results.   I didn't see any other view that looked like the "Show New Items" I am thinking we may not be able to do this. 

Thought I would ask.   Thanks.



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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

No, I don't see a way to change/filter the results for "new items".. Rather than using a view, the query for new items is hard coded, so there would be no way to modify. No surprises here, but the following is the query being used for new items:

Select Distinct PackageTitle, CreatedOn FROM WD_WebPackages Where Deleted <> 1 and PackageVisible = 1 AND CreatedOn IS NOT NULL and datediff(day, CreatedOn, getDate()) < <DAYLIMITVALUE>
AND PackageID Not IN ( Select Distinct PM.PackageID from WD_PackageMapper PM Where PM.MapperType in (2,3,4) ) ORDER BY CreatedOn DESC


Thanks for the details @CharlesW .  That being the case, while not ideal, perhaps a workaround would be after creating an item that you don't want to appear in the New Items list, add a note to it under the Notes tab of catalog item properties in order to capture the real CreatedOn date.  Then run a script to update the CreatedOn date in the database to (Today - <DAYLIMITVALUE> - 1).

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