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Remedy Integration error

Product: App Portal 2018 R2

We're seeing issues connecting remedy and App Portal for a customer. The error we see is "Unable to connect to the remote server." We see in the admin guide that it says "Do not use any special characters in the URL fields. The only special character that is permitted is _ (underscore). Dashes (-) and other special characters are not permitted." Would the use of a dash (-) cause the error we're seeing or does it throw a more specific error?

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

I'm inclined to believe that it would not be the dashes causing the issue.. I don't have a remedy environment to test against, which happens to have dashes in the URL, but I can say that ServiceNow integration works fine when there are dashes in the URL.. Most of the code in App Broker is the same for the ITSM functionality, so I'd expect that ServiceNow would not work if  there was indeed an issue with dashes. Do you see any exceptions in the log files starting with the name "ITSM"?

I have integrations from App Portal to Remedy and I usually try avoiding special characters (my WSDL's do have an underscore) but the error you're getting sounds more like the call isn't able to access the Remedy Mid Tier.  The mid tier logs should have some additional information but a couple things come to mind.  Check the webserver name and port in the WSDL and the server name that you're trying to submit to.  I use the FQDN for the mid tier server in my WSDL's.  

If you have SOAP UI you can load the WSDL  and provide the values for the form you're trying to submit to.  That takes App Portal out and would help you determine if the issue is with the Remedy mid tier or possibly a firewall issue.

Feel free to send me a private message if you'd like.