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Migrated AppPortal to new server with different name. How to update the server name inside AppPortal DB

I just upgraded AppPortal from 2021 R1 to 2021 R2 onto a new Windows 2019 server with a different name.  Is there a way to make sure all references in DB are using the new server name or a new CNAME for our new AppPortal/AppBroker server?

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If you ran setup on the new server and pointed to the existing DB (or a new copy of it), then everything should be pointing to the right server name except possibly the Site DNS Address setting under Site Management > Settings > Web Site > General, which you may or may not need to change (depends on if you were using the server name or an alias and whether that alias needs to change).  Also, if you manually put in links back to the old server within any "user data" (i.e. catalog descriptions or other user-entered data), then you'd have to track those down (I'm not aware of a good way to look for all instances of a server name within any column of any database table).

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We just upgraded and moved servers too.  Here's a list of all the places I had to do an update in the tables (you may not have all these based on your environment)

WD_ITSMOperations (if you have integrations to Remedy, ServiceNow or some other system

WD_AppSettings (where Value='your old server name'

WD_Notifications (if you have links in your notifications that point to the old server)

WD_WebPackages (if you have visibility and an alternate message set on items)

WD_WebPackageAlert (if you have items with alerts)