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Is Bulk Import an Option for App Broker Cloud?

Does App Broker Cloud also support the powershell-script based bulk import process like the on-premises version does?

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I'll start by kindly asking that we no longer refer to our SaaS offering as "App Broker Cloud."  With the launch of Flexera One, we have a capability in Flexera One called "IT Asset Requests", which has similar functionality to App Portal/App Broker (on-prem products), but it is not truly the same product and does not have all the same features.

IT Asset Requests.png


Having said that, IT Asset Requests does have API's that enable the bulk import process.  One of our Flexera consultants (Osa) had previously created a version of our bulk import script for the SaaS offering; however, the API's have changed between then and now, so this will need to be updated to use the new API's.  I'll check with Osa and see if we can get an updated version to post to the Partner Services Solution Library.

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