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Flexera App portal not triggering success\Failure email alerts

since more than a week we are not able to receive any emails regarding Application installation status shopped from App portal, we have restarted ESD service and noticed in update status.log that alert triggers only when it selects top100 instead 1 find below, we are trying hard to reach the support team and as usual Flexera support is very hard to chasee.

could some one help us

Getting deployment status: SELECT TOP 1 StatusMessages

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran
I see that you have a support case open on this, so we'll use the support case to track the issue for now.

support case takes days to resolve issues :-(, thats the reason i have posted in blogs and every where to get a solution quicker.

we need some support person to get on a call with us and troubleshoot the issue, we have identified a workaround restart of ESD service is trig erring status emails, hence we are restarting the service every 4 hours.


did this ever get resolved?  we're seeing a similar behavior with our system.  I've opened a case also.

no, it did not resolved.

we have applied a workaround to get the ESD service restarted every 2 hours.

after couple of weeks issue auto resolved and re-occurred.

strange issue, working with Flexera vendor since month