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Direct report availability in "request on behalf of" for AD Manager

Running into a slight issue that I cannot find a root cause for.

We have a single instance of App Portal 2013.3.

I'm working with a user that is attempting to place a request for a new piece of hardware, on the behalf of several direct reports, one at a time.

Only 4 of the 12 direct reports show up in that list.

What could be the reason for this? Those 12 direct reports are visible in AD as reporting to this particular user.

Any thoughts, things to try?
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Ok, to be sure I understand this correctly, you have Direct Reports configured as described here: This feature works by using the Manager field in AD, which is synchronized with App Portal. From your description, it sounds like the Manager field in AD is configured to this manager for each of the 12 employees. Is the behavior that the manager can only select 4 users at a time (doesn't matter which 4), or that only 4 are working?

If the behavior is that the manager is only able to select 4 users at a time for request-on-behalf, then the behavior is likely due to the Security settings for Maximum targets for request on behalf, which can be read about here: If the threshold is set to 4, then update it to a more appropriate setting.

If the behavior is that only 4 of the users are working, it sounds like one of two causes: (1) the user import data has not collected the Manager field for the other users; (2) the users are not included in the licensed collection (or are in the excluded license collection). Version 2013 does not have a useful feature to view the imported user and device data (that is available in a later release). So you will have to check the user table in the App Portal database to determine whether or not the Manager field populated for the 8 users. You can also check the licensed and excluded collection membership to identify whether or not the user's (or user's devices) are excluded from licensing.