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Can Gateway server be connected to App Portal dev and prod environments?

We have a development and production server for App Portal but currently only one gateway server.  We're in the process of server migrations to new hardware and OS.

Is there any compatibility issues or other possible issues if we have production app portal already connected to the gateway and then connect the development app portal and development FNMS server instances?  Basically one gateway to connect multiple servers?

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That's what I thought but wanted to confirm.  Thanks as always!

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

I'm sure that the gateway is not "smart" enough to handle multiple environments. Personally, I'd set showFSGEndpoints=True, as discussed in our other community post on the subject:

Otherwise, you'd need to setup another gateway. 

That's what I thought but wanted to confirm.  Thanks as always!

If you're saying you have a separate server just for the gateway, that's a waste of a server.  I always install the FSG on the App Portal web server.  There is absolutely no need for that role to be installed on its own server.  And when connecting App Portal to the FSG, you can simply reference it as "localhost" if you want.

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We have the gateway on a Flexera server with FNMS but I was hoping I didn't have to set up another gateway 🙂  It's easy enough so I'll install on the App Portal or FNMS server and open firewalls.  Thanks Jim!