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Application errors in App Portal

Has anyone seen the attached errors in App Portal.  Just started to notice these yesterday with really nothing have being changed.

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran
Not sure about the exception in the Error3.jpg, but the first two seem to be getting triggered when the process my apps alerts scheduled task is being run. In particular, when AppPortal.App.MyAppsExecutables.exe tries to update it's own config file with the App Portal connection strings.. As a quick test, can you try running the following command line from an administrative command prompt, to see if the same errors get logged:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\App Portal\Utilities\MyApps\AppPortal.App.MyAppsExecutables.exe" 1 1 true


Looks like the errors we were seeing have stopped for the moment.  We were seeing them when accessing the console over VPN, so not sure if that was related or not.  Any special configurations that should be made for users accessing over VPN?

No special considerations that I can think of when accessing over a VPN. The scheduled task App Portal - Process Computers for My Apps Alerts, which is targeting AppPortal.App.MyAppsExecutables.exe, is run once weekly, so you would only see the error once a week.. If this is still an issue, then you should be able to reproduce it by running the command line I mentioned as an administrator or manually running the scheduled task.. If the issue persists when running the scheduled task, you might verify the user account defined for the task is correct, and has the correct password set. Be sure that "Run with highest privileges" is also set for the task.

We ran into a very similar issue when we upgraded to the 2917 R2 release.  We found that not all files in the MyApps folder were replaced/upgraded when we did the upgrade.  We replaced the executables in the folder with the files that should have been replaced during the upgrade and that resolved the issue.  Not sure if that's your issue but running the .exe from the command line pointed us t6o a problem with the executables.