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App Portal using AirWatch to deploy to Mac

Hi, I'm looking to see if anyone has been able to overcome and issue I'm having with App Portal  (App Broker)

We are currently using App Portal to deploy Apps to our Windows fleet via SCCM. All good there :)

We now want to use it for our MacBooks. We can integrate with AirWatch - however it seems we can only use the App Portal/ AirWatch integration to deploy to mobile devices only and not other devices like MacBooks.

Has anyone else overcome this crazy restriction?


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Re: App Portal using AirWatch to deploy to Mac

App Broker's AirWatch support was only written to support mobile devices. It does not support deployments to either Mac or Windows PCs. App Broker supports Jamf Pro for Mac deployments. Or, in theory (never tested it since I don't have any Mac devices), you should be able to deploy to Mac devices through SCCM if you deploy the SCCM Mac client. You could also potentially write your own Mac integration with AirWatch using general catalog items and the AirWatch APIs, but that would take a fair amount of work.
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