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App Portal Log Maintenance - Best Practice

Hello - 

I am curious to hear from other fellow App Portal (2017) users their best practices in place to handle logs. While some logs are "capped" and do not exceed a certain size, we have noticed some other logs are not that way. Some of our biggest logging culprits are the Request Logs, User Logs, and MyApps logs. 

I am curious if some have setup a process to archive and/or purge these types of logs based on certain retention policy requirements? What is the timing you follow (ex: any requests not modified in past month are archived or purged;)? What have you found to be useful in keeping the sizes of these folders down so that over time you do not have to continually increase drive storage on the server? 

Just curious to see what other customers are doing, thank you in advance! 

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Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran

I can't speak for your fellow App Broker customers, but from a support perspective, the older log files are seldom of value. Occasionally we get a historical perspective by looking at them, but we do not use them frequently. Most of the logs at the root of the logs directory will take care of themselves, so I don't think that you would have to worry about maintaining them.. Request logs, User logs, and My Apps logs are another matter. While certainly the request and user logs are invaluable, there is seldom reason to keep them around more than a week, since they are only valuable at diagnosing issues which are occurring now.. In my experience, My Apps generally have very little value. As you have found, all of these can build up very quickly.. My suggestion would be to create a script to either delete these logs if they are unmodified for a period of a week or so, or in the case of the My Apps logs, perhaps delete them before the My Apps scheduled task runs (on a weekly basis). Or, rather than deleting them, just move them all to an external backup location periodically, overwriting the old log files copied previously.. Just, my two cents... Others may have differing opinions.