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App Portal 2013 -> App Portal 2015 R2: Data Migration Possible?

We will be migrating to App Portal 2015 R2 soon.

In our existing single instance of App Portal 2013.3, we have a number of complicated approval workflows, workflow groups, catalog item images and descriptions, style config, and notification settings.

The first instance of App Portal 2015 R2 that we will be deploying will be one that is segregated (i.e. Not the primary instance), but a large portion of the items mentioned above will need to be built out in this new instance of 2015 R2.

Does there exist a feasible way to export approval workflows, workflow groups, catalog item images and descriptions, style config, and notification settings from one instance of App Portal and import into another instance, running either the same or newer version of App Portal?

App Portal 2013.3 => Export Data => Import Data => App Portal 2015R2 or similar.

This would greatly reduce the manual buildout time of the new instance.

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App Portal supports upgrade from 2013 to 2015 R2, however, there are no pre-built tools available to export a configuration from one system to another (especially across versions). You could follow the instructions here: to move the server. This would rely on both servers being the same version. What is the driver for building a new server?
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As Jason indicates, there is no export/import feature at this time.  Flexera Services uses an Excel CSV template and a custom PowerShell script for bulk loading catalog items.  If you are able to export the data you want from the WD_WebPackages table into a CSV file, you could write a PowerShell script leveraging available API's ( to automatically create catalog items using the data from the CSV file.  Keep in mind that things like SCCM package ID's/program names and Application CI's will be different if connecting to a different SCCM instance, so you'll need to account for that.  

Note: This original post is referencing App Portal 2015 R2, so the link above points to the Configuration Guide for that release; however, there have been quite a few new API's added in newer releases, so be sure to check the correct HelpNet Admin/Configuration Guide for your release (or go to the /esd/api.asmx and /esd/ws/integration.asmx pages on your server) for the latest available information.

As for workflows, approval groups, questions, etc., that gets quite a bit more complicated to migrate.  I have dabbled with writing some complex SQL queries in conjunction with the SQL data export/import wizard, but this is a very involved process prone to error, so unless you're super familiar with SQL and the App Portal database schema, you are probably better off recreating these by hand in the console.

Site settings can be migrated fairly easily by exporting/importing the WD_Config and WD_AppSettings tables within SQL.  But since these settings do contain server names and file paths and such, just be careful to update those entries to point to the right places for your new server.