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App Broker/Service Now Cloud Catalog Item

What App Broker features are available with a Cloud Apps Catalog Item sync to ServiceNow? For example if ServiceNow is the Front end user request and you have a Cloud App Catalog item synced to ServiceNow, can you use the "Security Group Tap" feature to add users to AD group? and can you still send notifications from App Broker Catalog Item?

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Cloud catalog items are a form of general catalog item.  General catalog items are not synced to ServiceNow, so these would not be available in an App Broker for ServiceNow configuration, where ServiceNow acts as the front-end catalog interface for users.  From an App Portal perspective (where using the Flexera catalog UI), cloud catalog items do have the Security Groups tab, so you could use them to add a user into an AD group; however, since it is a general catalog item, you would not have the option to add computers to an AD group (not relevant in your scenario anyway), and you would only have the option to "Add to group on request/approval".  Since cloud catalog items don't install any software, the option to "Add to group after successful install" would not be available.

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