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Activation Issue

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My company uses node-locked licenses. My perpetually licensed Adminstudio 2018R2 was updated to Adminstudio 2019. When I launch Adminstudio 2019, all is well, the license appears to have transferred over.. When I launch Installshield 2019, it laun...
by LPalmer9 Pilgrim

Workflow Manager Blog

0 2 47
Why is it when I click Products A-Z and select Workflow Manager it takes me to the Adminstudio Blog? Is there a Blog for Workflow Manager?
by mrupchurch1@ Flexera beginner

Flexera tutorials ?

0 2 117
Anyone know of any online application packaging tutorials for AdminStudio or InstallShield. The in-house tutorials by Flexera are way too expensive for me
by mariogomes Flexera beginner

Error Creating Response Transform in Tuner

0 2 151
Has anyone seem this issue? When I open tuner to create a response transform, I get all the way to the end of creating the Transform and Tuner will attempt to open the mst. Attached is the error I receive. I have tried creating the Transform from the...
by mloftis Pilgrim

Setup file .isproj shown as incompatibles in Visual Studio 2017

0 3 112
When i mapped and opened a project to my Visual Studio 2017, the setup file is being shown as incompatible. The error is for .isproj: The application which this project is based on was not found.The setup works with Flexera AdminStudio Enterprise 201...
by ishivamin Flexera beginner