Repackager not passing Cyrillic characters to Installshield

Repackager not passing Cyrillic characters to Installshield


Russian characters not passed to Installshield project when building repackager project.


System Specifics:

Repackager capture on a Russian Windows 7 SP1 64bit OS
Adminstudio 2015 installed on a Russian Windows 7 SP1 64bit OS

When capturing a Russian Application on a Russian Operating System using Adminstudio 2015 (and SP1) the capture will be successful and the .irp project created without error.

The Characters within the repackager project will show correctly with Cyrillic script. When the repackager project is built and the .ism is opened in installshield all the Cryrillic characters have been converted to "gibberish"


Steps to Reproduce:
  • Create a Russian Windows 7 SP1 64bit OS Virtual Machine to run capture.
  • Run Repackager on Russian OS using snapshot method to capture app which uses Cyrillic characters.
  • Open .irp with repackager (Adminstudio also installed on a Russian OS)
  • Note that cyrillic script has been used for some file folders names.
  • Unselect to build a MSI, and just build the .ism from the .irp
  • Once built, open the .ism in Installshield and navigate to the files and folders view.
  • Notice that the same files which displayed in Russian in repackager - are now gibberish in Installshield.

Reason for failure:

This issue appears to be a bug with Adminstudio due to a change in MFC Version 7.


This issue has been raised with our Developers with reference IOJ-1745255.
A fix for this will hopefully be included in a future version of Adminstudio,


The only workaround is to manually edit the Installshield project to correct the incorrectly named folders and files.
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