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This article provides information regarding how to download AdminStudio.


The AdminStudio product download is available at the Flexera Software Product and License Center. The  Product and License Center allows you to download products, as well as related product files.

To access the AdminStudio product download via the Product and License Center:

  1. Log In to the Community.
  2. Click on "Product Access" and select "Product and License Center"
  3. From there, find the column with AdminStudio listed and select the “LET'S GO” button below that column
  4. Once you have been logged in to the Product and License Center, select "Product list" from the right-hand navigation list
    • If applicable, select the AdminStudio product from the Product List.
      Product and License Center-Product List -AdminStudio 1.JPG
  5. Select the applicable product version from the Product and File Downloads list.
    Product and License Center-Product List -AdminStudio 2.JPGProduct and License Center-Product List -AdminStudio 3.JPG
    • Note: If applicable, clicking the Release Archive tab will give you access to previous versions of AdminStudio. 
  6. Select the file you wish to download.
    • Click the download hyperlink or select one of the Advanced Download Options.
    • Click on the licenses link as shown in the below image to know the type of license information, Total number of licenses available, and corresponding Activation Code.
      Licenses Information in Product and License Center.JPG

More information can be found in the knowledge base article "How to Access the Product and License Center":

Additional Information

AdminStudio Product Serial Number Guidelines:

-20 characters long
-All characters are capitalized
-Do not start with the letters ISMTK
-Formatted as follows: (7-3-10): XXXXXXX-XXX-XXXXXXXXXX or (4-4-4-4): XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX for AdminStudio 2014 and later.
-No letter "O"s are contained in the serial number, it's the number zero "0".
-Make sure to include the dashes/hyphens (-) when entering.
-There are no extra spaces either before or after the serial number.
Order Numbers typically are formatted as one of the following formats:


Additional information about the Download and License Overview for AdminStudio 2016 and Later can be obtained from the following document:

Download and Licensing Overview for AdminStudio
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Thanks for the information... Besides, with AdminStudio, You can do:

  1. Improve service quality and streamline service delivery.
  2. Decrease risk and embrace new technologies faster.
  3. Eliminate mobile application security and compatibility concerns.
  4. Reliably prepare and deploy application virtualization formats.
  5. Integrate seamlessly with leading software deployment systems.
  6. Simplify and unify application management with standardized processes.
  7. Boost efficiency with a central application repository.
  8. Identify application packaging issues in minutes instead of days, etc.
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