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Configuring AdminStudio to automatically connect to SQL Database using Windows Authentication


This article discusses configuring the AdminStudio product to automatically connect to a default Application Catalog Database using Windows Authentication each time the AdminStudio product is launched.


The AdminStudio Product needs to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server Application Catalog database when launched. To specify a default Application catalog and connect to it using windows authentication, modify the Shared AdminStudio.ini file by performing the following steps:
1. Locate and open the following file on the machine where AdminStudio is installed:
C:\AdminStudio Shared\Shared AdminStudio.ini
2. Insert the following in the [Database Settings] section of the Shared AdminStudio.ini file:

[Database Settings]

DefaultDatabase=Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;;Initial Catalog=nameofdatabase;Data Source=nameofsqlserver;Integrated Security=SSPI
Note: To connect using Server authentication, you can specify

[Database Settings]

DefaultDatabase=Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;User ID=userid; PWD=password;Initial Catalog=nameofdatabase;Data Source=nameofsqlserver;

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