AdminStudio Repackaged Application Creates a Blank Shortcut

AdminStudio Repackaged Application Creates a Blank Shortcut


An MSI that is created from Repackager has blank shortcut icons.


After repacking an application to an MSI package with AdminStudio you may notice that your shortcut icons are blank when the MSI is installed on a target machine.


This issue was caused by a problem with how the icon table key was being generated for the shortcut.


This issue has been resolved under the issue IOJ-1777934. This change will be included in the next release of AdminStudio. In the meantime you can refer to the Workaround section for the hotfix.


If you are using AdminStudio 2016 SP1 you can apply the following hotfix. If you are not yet on this version it is recommend that you update to AdminStudio 2016 SP1, and then apply this hotfix.

1: Download the attached file

2: Browse to the install location of the Repackager. This should look something like:

3: Backup the original files by either renaming them, or copying them to another location. These files are:

4: Extract the contents of to your Repackager folder.

5: If prompted, overwrite the existing files

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