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"File Not Found" when opening a file from a directory with a space

I captured an installation of Nexxim v4.1 using Installation Monitoring. The app installs fine from my new MSI, but if I save a file to a path with a space in it (c:\temp folder\) and then try to launch the app by double clicking the file from explorer I get an error that the file is not found. The path of the file in the error window is incorrect. See attached screenshot.

If I save the file to a path with no space (c:\tempfolder\) it opens just fine. I had this problem with another app that I created. When a coworker did the same thing as me it worked fine. I'm wondering if I have a setting in InstallShield somewhere that is wrong.

Please help.
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What type of project you are using?
if you are using installscript then use double slash for the path as following:

c:\\temp folder\\folder\CMOS_VCO_NexximCosim.adsn
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Thanks for the reply, but I'm not sure what you're asking. I created the MSI using installation monitoring. I then install the app using the MSI I just created. I open the app and save a file to My Documents. If I then try to go to that file in Windows Explorer and double click it to open it, I get the error. However I can successfully open the file if I first launch the app and then do a File-Open and browse to the file. Or it also works fine if the file is saved to a directory with no spaces.
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Hi Randy,

I doubt that you did anything wrong...but here's what I'd recommend that you try:
- Open your ISM and go to the Components view under Organization.
- Select the component that is supposed to launch this file you're associating.
- Click on Advanced and go to File Types.
- Hopefully your file extension will appear here. If not, you may have the wrong component.
- Lastly, make sure that the "Argument" is surrounded in quotes.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you Robin, that was the issue.

Does anyone know why the quotes wouldn't automatically be there? When my coworker packages an application the quotes are there for him.
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