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multiple user installs.

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For some reason after i made an MSI of omnipage to distribute to multiple PC's, the install worked as administrator, but then when we logged in as any other user it would not run.

It kept trying to do a mini install, then failed due to not being able to find the msi...

any ideas? I don't have the error handy at the moment, will edit this and add it when i get it.
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Hi there,

This is a really common scenario, usually triggered by per-user data that isn't present under HKCU after a different user logs in to use the application.

The thing to do in this case is:

1. Look at the Application Event viewer. This will give you a message from MsiInstaller that says a component is missing. (sometimes it will tell you the file)

2. find the component in your *.ism file to see what it is, and if you actually even need it in your project.

3. If you don't need it, just remove it and see if it makes a difference. If you do need it, you might want to address why the original install is needed instead (since the 'Repair' dialog is accurate in that a repair is necessary to initialize the new user profile).

For step #3, basically, you'd generate a logfile of the repair with the logging policy:

The thing to look for here is to find the error looking for the original install, and then to look upward from there to see what it was trying to do prior to the 'Resolving Source' line (typically a file copy operation).

If you like, you can post the log, and we can take a look.