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isexp fatal error 0 using Repackager


I am trying to convert a SETUP.EXE (SAS 9.2 software) to an MSI using Repackager.
I captured the setup using Repackaging Wizard Installation Monitoring.
(Using Admin Studio 9.5).

Repackager gives the following in the Build log file.

Building CAB files... built built built built built built built built
Files built
ISEXP : fatal error 0:
Product1\Release1 - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
Build failed.

Any ideas?
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I am having the same issue repackaging SAS 9.3
Have you found a solution?

Thank you.
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Ok, so it is the msi file size limitation issue.
In repackager --> Repackaged Output, set "Repackaged Output Options" to "Create .msi file + external compressed .cab file" . This solved the issue for me.