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WFM: Custom SQL Query Report

To any one who can help:

I currently manage a team of packagers within Flexera's Workflow Manager and I would like to create multiple reports using the custom SQL Query Report type within Report Center to streamline my reporting process. I am looking to create a couple of reports. I would like to pull all the applications that are in an ON HOLD status for a particular project. The following column names I would like the report to show are:

Project Name, User Name, Application Name, Status, Issue Date, Issue Owner

The other report I would like to illustrate are the issues in more detail. I would like to show the following fields and be able to see all my packagers. The fields I would like to report on are:

Issue Abstract, View/Respond, Attach File, Application Name, Issue Type, Issue Date, Created By, Owner, Issue Due Date, Issue Message Text

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I'm not sure what you're asking. Are you trying to figure out which fields to select for the report data?
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Hi Phil

I am using PL/SQL Developer to run the query and all I get is the column headings when I execute, but no data


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I think I am also facing this issue. Did you get any proper solution? kodi
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