Uninstall Information within a recaptured MSI

something i noticed today for the first time and only came across this because i am using SCCM for detection is that when you recapture an MSI, it doesnt automatically input the relevant uninstall information in

is this normal practice and if so is the best way of combatting this just to add the entry yourself in the registry of your captured msi, i wrongly assumed this would be automatic as im sure other projects i have used have done this before?
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Re: Uninstall Information within a recaptured MSI

It does add the relevant information. It is just the one for the MSI you created, not the original one you did repackage.
(Seen with InstallShield Editor in the Designer. Somewhere at "General" -> "Add Remove Programs")

It is not best practise to repackage already existing MSIs at all.
Why you want to do this, though?
Just create a transform, or know exactly what you are doing.
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