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Treating .ini files as normal text files

I'm trying to repackage MikTeX using the snapshot method of the repackager in AdminStudio 11.0 SP1

I can capture everything but when I try to build the MSI it fails because there are a lot of .ini files which don't conform to the normal standards for a Windows .ini file - they're really plain text files containing config data.

I've read several times that I need to just flag these as plain text files rather than .ini files but I can't find out how do this.

How do I tell repackager not to process the contents of the .ini files?

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Only build an ism, open the ism with the Editor, remove the INI Files (System Configuration->INI File Changes), add the actual Ini files (Application Data->Files and Folders) and build the msi from the Installshield Project.
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