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Software Repository with existing App Catalog

I'm running into an issue with creating a software repository. I have a new implementation of AdminStudio but our DBA group required me to submit the sql scripts so they could build out the catalog on the database cluster. Obviously, because the catalog is already there, I cannot create it again, yet it seems the ONLY way to enable the Software Repository is to go through the "Create New Application Catalog" wizard. Why would we have an option to prebuild the App Catalog database if there would be no option to enable the Software Repository after doing so? What am I missing?:confused:
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I believe it was possible to create the repository in previous versions of AdminStudio but Flexera has removed this feature.

This is from the help file:
Important: You are only permitted to enable the Software Repository when creating an Application Catalog, not after it has already been created.

Since it "was" a feature, maybe there is a work-around?

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Flexera Alumni

You can always enter a row (Software Repo location, username, password) in the cssysSoftRepAttributes table, and then the option will be available in the Application Manager UI, when connected to that catalog. Then you can edit in the UI, to enter the right values.

Hope this helps.
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sfurr999, did you manage to resolve this issue? I have a very similar task.
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