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Server Configuration and IP Address


We have a server migration happening in 2 days, nothing is changing expect we are getting new server name and ip address. I need to know what config file within admin studio i have to alter with new server name and ip address so the connectivity stays the same.  I need assistance on this as soon as possible. I opened a case #01903897, but i havent gotten any response back on it and called 4-5 times and still havent gotten any assistance.

Thanks in advance 

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Hello @HelenTA  - 

To confirm, when you say you're migrating your "server", is this server the Microsoft SQL Server that is hosting your AdminStudio Application Catalog?  If so, there is information around how to change the default Application Catalog connection information so the Application Manager and the rest of AdminStudio connects to the correct server each time it's launched.

Info around this configuration can be found for AdminStudio 2020 here:

If you need further help on this,  you may reply to this thread. I also see in our system that our Tech Support is reaching out now to assist you. They'll be able to assist you further as well.

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