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Repackaging: issues with different service packs?

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran

We are currently repackaging applications on Windows XP SP1 and I am wondering what will happen when SP2 is released. With NT we used Altiris to repackage our apps and we found out that some apps created with SP5 would not work if SP6 was installed first. In this case we set SP6 as a post build install and all the apps are installed prior. This causes some issues however if we need to install an app for a user later on, as some apps have to be installed manually or they will not work

Will we run into a similar issue with XP? I know MSIs that come from the vendors should be ok, but, will we have to do a similar post build hotfix with future XP SPs and install apps manually?

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That's where Patch Impact manager comes in...


reg, Henno