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Repackager "An Unknown Error Has Occurred"

I'm trying to repackage an .exe but no matter what I do I'm getting "an unknown error has occurred" when trying to build the msi. I was getting the error at building .msi package but I read something that said to disable "Replace files with merge modules whenever possible." Since unchecking that option I now get the error at running automated tests. I cannot get beyond this error. I have tried excluding(files,registry,ini) everything from the project down to one file and I still get the same error. The log is below. Any thoughts why this could be happening? By the way we have AdminStudiio 10. Thanks.

Thursday, November 08, 2012 11:54:04AM

Starting conversion ...
Creating InstallShield project: Z:\1\3_ProjectFiles\MSI_Package\ACD.ism
Creating InstallShield project: Z:\1\3_ProjectFiles\MSI_Package\ACD.Context.ism
Reading repackager output file
Loading registry entries
Creating components for the files captured
Mapping application paths from registry information
Mapping environment variables from registry information to the Environment table
Processing .INI file changes and writing to the IniFile table
Creating directory folders and writing to the CreateFolders table
Writing unmapped registry information to the Registry table
Writing information to the RemoveRegistry table
Writing information to the RemoveIniFile table
Writing information to the RemoveFile table
Creating shortcuts and writing to the Shortcut table

Building .context.msi package ...

Building .msi package ...
Running automated tests ...
An unknown error occurred

Conversion stopped with one or more error(s).
(3) Replies
Flexera Alumni
Please disable running automated tests for the msi package and then test this.

I'm sorry but where exactly do you turn off run automated tests? I do not see the option in repackager.