Repackager does not transfer registry settings from .msi to .sft

I am using the repackager to convert an .msi to an app-v .sft; the conversion is successful, but the produced .sft does not have any of the registry settings that are part of the .msi.

Is there anything specific in the .msi that will trigger the transfer of the registry settings?

I noticed I had to create an empty CustomActions table to get around this error:
-9001 An unknown exception occurred
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Re: Repackager does not transfer registry settings from .msi to .sft


I am not sure why the registry information in your MSI file is not being transferred into the App-V package (SFT) file. I am familiar with the CustomAction table problem that you outlined, and I believe it should be fixed in our most recent release (AS 9.5). Could you tell me what version of AdminStudio you are using?

Is the registry problem just present with a single MSI or with all MSIs that you have tried?

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