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Remove tools and other applications of the applications that will be converted to msi

Hello friends, I have a new doubt

Some applications like Java, Adobe Reader, among others, often installing search bars for internet explorer, sometimes free antivirus and other small programs.

In my project with SCCM 2012 R2, want to distribute software in the stations, but they are installed cleanly, that no other program or toolbar is installed, is this possible? I can do this with Admin Studio?

Thank you!
(2) Replies
no. You will need to investigate each software to determine how these toolbars are getting installed and then you can modify the installation to disable.
AdminStudio cannot "magically" make these determinations for you
I would suggest a great tool that will help you (together with AdminStudio) to find all the switches and configuration items of generic applications.
Tool is called setup Commander ( )

1. It will detect the application you are working on and presents you a list of (configuration) options for you to choose.
2. Next SetupCommander will either create the (silent) switches / tweaks and if MSI , an MST will be created for you.
3. You can even choose if you want to repackage the application (with AdminStudio repackager)
4. Application can automiatically be published in SCCM 2012

Very easy , even I am using this!!