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Powershell API exception - " Platform PowerShell extensions is not licensed"

Hi All

We are planning to automate the convertion of legacy msi to App-V packages and deployment to SCCM using the AdminStudio Powershell APIs. As a starting point, we are doing a POC to create a tool in .Net which consumes the Powershell APIs to perform various tests and convert the msi to APP-V package.

We have setup the POC environment with Flexera AdminStudio exterprise trial version. We have stuck with two issues

1. Whenever we fire any Powershell API call, it throws the following exception
"Using AdminStudio Platform PowerShell extensions is not licensed."
Is it possible to use the trial version for the POC?

2. Is it mandatory to setup the SCCM server for msi to App-V conversion using Powershell APIs?

Looking for a fast response
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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Ambily,

For your question #1, try confirming:

1. Powershell 3.0 is installed; and

2. You are calling the Powershell API with local administrator rights.

I've seen this error before and think it may possibly be related to one or both of the above items.

Does this help?

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Thanks Chris

I am using Powershell 3.0 and also the Powershell is launched using "Run as Administrator"

Name : Microsoft.PowerShell.Core
PSVersion : 3.0

I am still facing the license exception issue.

I am 99% sure that only fully licensed copies of AdminStudio Enterprise Edition can use the PowerShell API. Eval/trial versions, to the best of my knowledge, are not able to use it.
Thanks Evan for the clarification