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Oracle 10g Won't Publish to CM12 from App Catalog


Ran into a strange issue last night. We're on AdminStudio 2013 and we've published literally hundreds of applications now to SCCM 2012 with no issues. We published the application before this one which included the Oracle response files with no problem. When anyone attempts to publish Oracle 10g itself it tries for about 3 minutes and then the attached error:

Distribute task was not successfully completed: A required process for this task failed
Error: Publish operation failed with the following error message: Generic failure

Has anyone ever seen this before? Do you know what caused it and what can be done?

Our AdminStudio workstations are all Windows 8 (RTM I believe).


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Flexera Alumni
Hi David,

Can you try upgrading to AS 2013 R2? I will suggest creating a new catalog and just trying with this new Oracle application. The AS 2013 R2 logging will give you more information.