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One file in package not installing

OK, this is probably an easy one to you gurus out there. I've created a very simple package that just contains 5 files that need to replace older files in a directory when the package is installed. When I run the package manually, it works just fine. However, when the package is installed via GPO, only 4 of the 5 files get replaced and the one file that doesn't get replaced -- a .cfg file, remains as the older version. I've tested this on several machines and permissions are fine, file is not Read Only, etc. I am using InstallShield AdminStudio. I've looked at the package in DevStudio and cleared the key file, set it again, etc. on that file. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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I guess what I'm asking is is there any way within a package to force a file to overwrite an existing file (of the same name) on the target machine when the package is installed?

For example, I already have 1.cfg on several target machines. I have an updated 1.cfg in a package that I want to replace the ones currently on the target machines. If I hop on the console of a target machine and run the package manually, no problem. But when the package is installed via GPO, this one file does not get updated from the package while other files within the package replace files on the target machine just fine.

I would just assign the new package as an upgrade over the old one, or remove the old one first then assign the new one, but unfortunately the old package does not exist anymore.
Do any of your files (not the .cfg file) contain version numbers?