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Microsoft Power BI Desktop (x64) failing to import from Package Feed

Microsoft Power BI Desktop (x64) seems to download fine but is not completing the import. This has been happening for the last few versions.

We are getting the following error (end of output):

 extract\F_CENTRAL_vccorlib110_x64.C7F737EB_3325_3BEE_8D0D_DEF2DE62486A E:\Flexera\AdminStudio\AdminStudio Shared\Temp\yrx5eg4d.03k\Microsoft Power BI Desktop\bin\Win\System64\vccorlib110.dll
Language Culture is Neutral

One or more errors occurred.
Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.

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Hi @goldem4 

Sorry for the delay in a reply to your issue. I just tested this today using AdminStudio 2023 and was able to successfully download, import, and run Analyze tests on Microsoft Power BI Desktop (x64) (English) v2.118.828.0 without any errors. 

PowerBIv2.118.825.0 Imported from PFM.png
If you are on an active subscription or maintenance agreement, I would try again with the current version of AdminStudio 2023 and see if if the issue has been resolved or still occuring.  Our Technical Support team can help you troubleshoot further if the issue still occurs.

Expert Flexeran on AdminStudio, Workflow Manager, and Software Vulnerability Manager / Research
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