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IsCmdBld.exe Error 7159

Hi all,

I have a fully licensed version of InstallShield 2010, I never get asked to enter product keys, and Help -> About show me my company name and key. I can build msi's from within IDE no problem, but if I use IsCmdBld.exe I get the following error:

ISDEV : fatal error -7159: The product license has expired or has not yet been initialized. You must launch the IDE to configure the product license in order to proceed.

I saw one post relating to IS2008 where is was suggested to change the date forward a month, run IsCmdBld.exe and change the date back but this has not worked.

Any ideas?


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Are you trying to use the ISCmdBld.exe on the same machine where IS2010 is installed? You will not be able to use it on a remote machine.

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Yes Alpesh, I'm using it on the same machine.
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What happens when you run the main InstallShield IDE (isdev.exe)? Does it ask you to activate, and if so is it successful with your serial number?

Are you using AdminStudio 9.5 or some other version or are your using InstallShield 2010 (no AdminStudio)? If you are using just InstallShield, then you may want to post in the InstallShield forum.

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