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Is Configuration Manager Version 8790.1000 compatable with AdminStudio 2019 R2??

I am getting an error when trying to distribute applications using ASE 2019 R2. Part of the body of the error message is as follows:

"Connecting to server...
Connected to Identified Configuration Manager Version 8790.1000 is different from AdminStudio supported versions. Site CHM"

I have attached the full message text file and illustration file for review.

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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

AdminStudio 2019 R2 supports  distribution of applications to Configuration Manager 1710 (8577.1000) and earlier versions. However, there is a Service Pack available on AdminStudio 2019 R2 - AdminStudio 2019 R2 SP1, which support distribution to Configuration Manager 1906 (8853.1000) and earlier versions. 

To distribute to ConfigMgr  1902 (8790.1000) you will have to upgrade to AdminStudio 2019 R2 SP1. To upgrade, please download the setup file for the Service Pack from Product and License Center.


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To add to @kmantagi 's comment above, when new versions of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (ECM/SCCM/ConfigMgr) come out, it doesn't typically break the existing support AdminStudio has for previous versions of the product and will almost always continue to operate as before.

Microsoft purposefully does not make huge changes to their support and APIs for creating a new Application or Package from build to build, so the functionality AdminStudio supports when it was developed will very likely continue to operate.  New functionality that gets added, however would not be supported until the next release of AdminStudio. This is why our Development team is constantly testing and evaluating new builds of ConfigMgr and verifying support for the latest public build when we release a new version of AdminStudio.

I hope this adds a bit more information into our continued support for our AdminStudio customers that rely on ConfigMgr for application deployment.

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