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How create .MSI package with configuration parameters of repackaging application?

I made in AdminStudio .MSI package e.g. from Total Commander.exe with basic settings. I would like to create package with the configuration settings we usually use in our environment. Can anybody tell me how can i do it?
Where should I begin?
Thank you - Beginner.
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If you repackage TotalCommander, you can choose if the installation needs to put all the config. items in the userprofile or on the system(everyone)
After installation , make the changes you want and then finish the repackager ( 2nd snapshot , or monitor)
Thank you for your answer.
But the result is not good. I have used Smartpackager for this task. I have made the first snapshot on the clear system. Then I installed Total Commander, made some configuration settings, saved this configuration. I made the second snapshot and the .MSI package was created. If I use the package in GPO, Total Commander is installed but configuration is in default state. Where do I do mistake?
Thank you for your help.
what is "Smart Packager" ?

Did you configured Total commander in the "User Profile" or did you create a "All User" configuration?