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Help with IE 6.01 SP1 & GPO Deployment

Hi all,

I'm sure this has be flushed out multiple times, but I was unable to find any answers by using the search. I'm a new AdminStudio user and am working to convert all of our apps to MSI for deployment through Active Directory GPO.

I'm having some trouble with Internet Explorer. Any suggestions from those that have gone through this before?
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What kind of trouble are you having with Internet Explorer?

Mark D.
Software Quality Engineer
InstallShield Software Corp.
Answer = Don't bother.

Just unstall a SUS Server..all the Windows updates and addons are easier to deploy like that.
By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
"prostetnic", you got something wrong here. If you have 2K clients running Internet Explorer 5.X they don't get the 6.X automaticly via the SUS1.X server. You have to install the IE6 on the client with the Windows Update Manager (Local on Client). Run a ie6setup.exe which you made with the IEAK (Tool from ms to generate a customized setup from IE6).

Then and only after that you can deploy the IE6.X patches from the SUS server.

Sorry I didn't come back and respond to the thread...I've solved my problem by using the MSI Wrapper that MS has created (but won't support however).

Thanks for your help