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File permissions in a patch project


I am creating a patch project for one of my applications. I need to add a new file to the project which needs to be copied to the Windows folder, but it I need to provide modify permissions to everyone.

The file copies fine, but it inherates permissions from the windows folder. There is no option within the patch project to modify the permissioning of the file as there is in a normal project.

Does anyone know how to specify the security of a new file in a patch project so that it do not inherate the permissions from the parent folder


Yusuf Pietersen
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Hi Yusuf,
I am trying to set the file permissions based ont eh type of user who is instaling
Is there any way to do.
Doy ou know how toset the file permissions based on the type of user who is installing.
e.g Power user with admin privelelges will have access to some of theinstalled files with RWE permissions and ordinary user will have Read only permissins like that.
Any help is appreciated.