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Experience with applications that can't be packaged

Has it happened that an application cannot be packaged without loosing configuration details......

are there examples of applications?

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By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran

All applications with special procedures to register COM+ object or creating virtual folder in IIS, this will be lost as it can't be only created via a script or a DLL and not copied by registry keys and files.
Changes in Windows NT, 2K and XP file and registry permissions (ACLs) are not captured by any tool that I have found


Just one more question ... What is the average time to package an application . From delivery of installation media / instalation manual / configuration specification to deliver a working package..

What is your expertise....?

I always budget for two man days per application. This gives enough leeway to get it right.

I don't think that the size of the package is much of an indication to say how easy it is going to be. The larger the package, the more components there are that need organising.

I have repackaged some very large packages that were easy and worked first time, and some tiny packages that took man months to finish.