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Detailed component list of all AdminStudio

Is there a page where i could refer what are all the components, tools or add on which comes with different editions of adminstudio ?

For example does standard Include these, or some of it is part of high editions, etc :

  • AdminStudio Tuner
  • AdminStudio Application Virtualization and Repackaging
  • AdminStudio Application Management
  • AdminStudio 2018
  • AdminStudio Quality Monitor
  • AdminStudio Process Template Editor
  • AdminStudio 2018 R2
  • AdminStudio Application Isolation Wizard
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Flexera Alumni

You can refer to the following online help topic for detailed descriptions of the different editions and their features:

For reference, the entire documentation libraries for all Flexera products are available at the following location:

We've got a comparison of editions on as well. We had better explanations and even some videos that were temporarily removed as a result of our new website launch, but the additional detail should return soon!

Specific to your question. Tuner and Repackager (with application virtualization support) are included in the Standard edition, but testing and workflow capabilities are not.