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Adminstudio: best solution for us ?


in my company we are going to implement ITIL v3 and therefore also a RIS solution like MS SCCM, CA or Symantec Altiris (this should be fixed in few weeks).

in this purpose, we will repack our existing MSI or applications to customize them (logo, scripts, and so on...). therefore we are looking for a solution which:
1. allow us to repack existing application and MSI/EXE
2. manage packages conflicts for trouble-free deployment

we were wondering if AdminStudio is the right solution for us or if another solution amongs Flexera software solutions is better for our needs.

thanks for your feedbacks.

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Hi Alain,

AdminStudio would be the best Flexera product to meet the requirements you listed:

1. Use Repackager to repackage existing installations into MSI packages.
2. Use ConflictSolver/ApplicationManager to identify any conflicts between your MSI packages.

If you end up going down the SCCM route, then you can use the AdminStudio Configuration Manager Web Console to publish MSI packages up to your SCCM server.

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