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Flexera beginner

AdminStudio activation

Can anyone confirm if you can activate AdminStudio/InstallShield on a virtual machine with a node locked licence.

I don't think you used to be able to do this but would appreciate confirmation.



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Moderator bkelly Moderator

Re: AdminStudio activation

Yes, you can install in a VM. There are no license restrictions here. However, I would suggest installing AdminStudio on your physical machine and running Repackager on your VM from a mapped drive or network share. This way you minimize contamination of your reference system and avoid the complications of maintaining the AdminStudio application catalog database in an environment constantly being reset. 

Moderator moconn Moderator

Re: AdminStudio activation

@bkelly is correct, you'll want to install AdminStudio on a physical workstation, or at least on a virtual machine (VM) that is not a short-term machine that will get reset on a regular basis. I have seen issues where the license on the VM gets corrupted after certain resets and procedures are done on the VM.

For capturing applications using our Repackager tool, you can run just the Repackager on that separate VM and will not cause issues on the machine with the full AdminStudio (Client Tools) install on it.

For more information on different methods of using the Repackager, check out this product help article for AdminStudio 2019 R2 (the current release as of this posting):


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