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Accessing All User and Current User profiles

What is the best method of accessing both the All User and Current User profiles? I know that there are some built-in properties for this, but they either point to one or the other, depending on the type of install. I want to do a per machine install, but still modify an INI file, if it exists, that lives in the Local Applications folder in the current user's profile. I need to account for the fact that NT4 and Win2k use different profile paths, so I cannot use an absolute path. Is there a way to use an environmental variable from the OS to get to this folder? If so, how do I create it in either Tuner or Developer?

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If you are using Developer, then you would notice that when you create a Basic MSI project, we have created predefined properties ALLUSERSPROFILE and USERPROFILE (resolves to the all users profile based on the OS environment variable).

This is the best method for accessing the All User and Current User profile irrespective of the type of install.
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