Test import and processing executed

Data imports must be scheduled on the same inventory beacon where the connection for the import was defined. All schedules for activities on the inventory beacon are interpreted as local time on each inventory beacon. 

There are two parts to scheduling the collection of inventory through a connection configured on your inventory beacon:

  1. Create the schedule—A schedule is a stand-alone entity that may be used to trigger many different tasks, if there are several tasks that you want running at the same time. As well, you may configure multiple different schedules on an inventory beacon for running different sets of tasks.
  2. Link the connection/task to the schedule—Once at least one schedule exists, you choose the schedule you want to use for each connection.

View full details on scheduling inventory imports

For details on Viewing Import Status and Details, visit https://docs.flexera.com/flexera/en/ITVisibility/Viewing_Import_Status_.htm#viewingimports_618987362...

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